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Paper Glass Lid
Paper glass lids are used for covering the rim of disposable glasses, cups and bowls. These are most commonly found in ice-cream parlours, confectionery shops and food outlets. Paper glass lids are airtight in nature which keeps the edible items safe and secure. 

Paper Glass Sipper Lid
Paper glass sipper lids are usually ideal for covering the cups of coffees and cold drinks. These are helpful in sipping the drink or beverage without spilling. Paper glass sipper lids cover the glass properly and have a hole for sipping purpose. 

Dahi Yoghurt Packaging Cup
Dahi yoghurt packaging cups are designed for protecting the curd from getting contaminated. These are known for spacious structure, airtight sealing abilities and sturdiness. Dahi yoghurt packaging cups are eco-friendly and completely safe to use. Comes in a variety of sizes, colours and designs. 
Ice Cream Cup
Ice cream cups are go-to containers for storing and serving ice creams due to their portability and compactness. These can be easily moved or travelled with without the risk of spillage. Ice cream cups have good storage capacity for serving enough ice cream. 

Paper Container Lid
Paper container lids are crafted in different sizes, shapes and designs. These are utilized for covering the containers, cups and glasses for protection against spillage and contamination as well. Paper container lids are transparent in nature and sturdy in construction.

Paper Glass Sipper Lid Lock Back
Paper glass sippers lid lock back are most commonly found in coffee shops. These are perfect for take aways due to their lock back covers which prevents the risk of spillage. Paper glass sippers lid lock back keep the cover locked.

Popcorn Glass
Popcorn glasses are compact in design, light weighted and flawless in appearance. These are ideal for movie theatres, cinemas, malls etc. Popcorn glasses are used for serving popcorns in different quantities. Our products have high storage capacity and eco-friendly structure. 

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